Thai Yoga Massage in Michigan

Be In Awe’s Ann Arbor Thai Yoga Massages:

Thai Yoga Massage combines the best of yoga and massage;  it is performed on a mat in comfortable clothing and is customized to the needs and wants of each person.  It can provide amazing results to reduce stress, ease discomfort and create profound feelings of relaxation.

There are unlimited benefits to receiving Thai Yoga Massage.


Thai massage helps to reduce stress and its effects on the body.  The body is stretched and opened, giving it a greater range of motion.


Thai massage helps to relieve tired muscles and rejuvenates the recipient, leaving him or her with a deep feeling of well being.  While the physical, dynamic movements of Thai massage work deeply on the physical body, the energetic theoretical foundation of Thai massage works on balancing the pranic energy that all humans possess.

The spirit of metta (loving kindness), given by the practitioner while performing the massage works on the emotional and spiritual balance of the recipient.


Thai massage as it is being practiced in Thailand is a folk medical system that is very much alive and flourishing, which is practiced in hospitals and temples.  Millions of people use it for physical, mental and spiritual healing.


Thai Yoga Massage is by appointment only.

To Book an appointment please call 734-213-0435 or email


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