Our Be In Awe Mission

Be In Awe classes, workshops and retreats offer you an opportunity to become a better friend to yourself.  We teach yoga practices and attitudes that encourage you to listen into, fine tune and prioritize YOU.  These practices are guaranteed to:

  • Lift you out of the overwhelmed, worn out, worried zone
  • Restore peace, tranquility and purposeful concentration
  • Remind you who you really are
  • Increase your capacity to feel good and enjoy life!


“Jody’s workshops and classes are unique and powerful.  She creates a safe space to play, be big, be small, dance and sing!! A place to be still… rediscovering and connecting with the real me.  I always come away feeling grounded, refreshed and appreciative.”Helen


Upcoming Soglio Retreats

Learn more about the upcoming 12th Annual Yoga, Hiking and Meditation Retreat in Soglio, Switzerland in June 2017

Finding Your Voice

Discover your voice and gain confidence with our Finding Your Voice Workshops



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“I love the non-competitive, gentle and quiet yoga that Jody practices and teaches. I love its emphasis on the breath, on listening to your own body and the positive encouragement and acceptance radiated by teacher and students alike.”Mary
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