Yoga Classes in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor’s Sivananda Yoga Center


The Be In Awe Ann Arbor Yoga Center is a peaceful sanctuary bordering  Bird Hill Park.  Here, in a lovely cottage set among mature trees and extensive gardens, students learn that yoga is far more than physical exercise.

As yoga practitioners in the tradition of Swami Sivananda, students reduce stress, feel better, have more energy and, according to one, “enter paradise.”

Class schedule:

Wednesdays 6-7:30pm

Saturdays 9-10:30am


$15.00 per class

$150.00 for an 11 class package

$120 for a private or semi-private session


Be In Awe Yoga Center, 2220 Rivenoak Court, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

If you are new to Sivananda Yoga please come 15 minutes early to your first class so we can introduce ourselves and spend a bit of time with you.  Your first class is free.

At the Be In Awe Yoga Studio in Ann Arbor, we enjoy custom designing your Private and Small Group Yoga experience.

For more information or to register, please call Cinda, 734-417-7161.


Private Hatha Yoga Sessions

Each yoga class lasts 60 or 90 minutes and includes:

  • Breathing Exercises (pranayama), to improve respiration as well as calming the mind;
  • Sun Salutations (surya namaskar) to warm-up properly before stretching;
  • Yoga Postures (asana) to stretch and tone the muscles, gently increase circulation, and massage internal organs.
  • Final Relaxation (savasana) to relax the body and mind at the deepest level.


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