Sivananda Be In Awe Yoga Center’s Services:


Ann Arbor Drop-In Yoga Classes

Weekly classes at the Be In Awe Yoga Center are taught in the Sivananda classical tradition.  We offer a complete guide to the physical postures, breathing exercises, diet, relaxation and meditation techniques.

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage combines the best of yoga and massage.  It is performed on a mat in comfortable clothing and is customized to the needs and wants of each person.  It can provide amazing results to reduce stress, ease discomfort and create profound feelings of relaxation, especially in the peaceful and quiet of the Be In Awe Yoga Center.   To book a Thai Yoga Massage please call 734-213-0435.

Personalized & Custom Yoga Retreats

Retreats are custom designed with you and for you based on your needs and desired outcomes.  Book a long afternoon or an entire weekend for just you or your private group.  To discuss and book a Personalized & Custom Yoga Retreat please call 734-213-0435.

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