About Be In Awe Yoga

A Sivananda Yoga Center in Ann Arbor, MI

Our private sessions, classes, workshops and events are suited to everyone and are adapted to the individual.  We offer private yoga sessions and classes at different levels as well as yoga therapy, retreats and yoga teachers’ trainings.  The Be In Awe Yoga Center is an oasis of peace and calm, featuring a fully equipped kitchen, yoga room, treatment room, infra-red sauna, swimming pool, outdoor yoga space, gathering places,  fire-pit, screened-in porch, and huge gorgeous trees, bordering Bird Hill Park.


What Be In Awe Yoga Offers

At Be In Awe Yoga, we offer an opportunity to practice and explore Yoga in all its aspects – including asana (postures), pranayama (breath awareness and mastery), dhyana (meditation) and Yoga philosophy. We aim to stay true to the purity of the Yoga teachings while applying them to our contemporary lifestyles. We strive for a sense of balance, clarity and practicality in what we offer, as a means to laying a solid foundation upon which to allow the highest expression of the Self to manifest.


The Benefits of Sivananda Yoga Center at Be In Awe Yoga

Regular and consistent practice of Yoga, in all its aspects, leads to a spontaneous lightness of body and mind, to a sense of natural energy, wholeness, vitality and well being on all levels. It improves flexibility, strength, stamina and posture; excess weight is reduced and it cleanses and regulates all the body systems (including skeletal, muscular, circulatory, nervous, digestive and respiratory). Yoga cultivates states of centeredness, clarity, focus and balance.


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